Attacking the Right in the media

Suhail Khan’s media profile consists almost entirely of appearances on leftist and anti-American media outlets as an accessory to the propagation of their worldview.  He is presented as a “Conservative/Republican Muslim” and then commences to echo and bolster the host’s talking points in taking cheap shots at the conservative movement, usually replete with allegations of “racism,” “bigotry,” and “Islamophobia.”

Suhail Khan is a regular guest on the Rachel Maddow Show.  Associated Press columnist David Bauder said Maddow is “[Keith] Olbermann’s political soul mate” and the Olbermann-Maddow shows are a “liberal two-hour block.”

During this appearance following the Fort Hood Massacre, Suhail Khan adopts the talking points of CAIR:


What’s your reaction when you hear a conservative writer equating al-Qaeda and the Council on American/Islamic Relations, which of course condemns violence and has long since specifically condemned the Ft. Hood shootings?


It’s just another instance—a sad instance—you know, we are in a national period of mourning after the tragedy of Ft. Hood where we lost so many lives senselessly, this unfortunate incident where there was violence and people were killed and wounded and it’s even more sad to see that there might be some who would use and exploit this tragedy for their political partisan and, worse, for their racist ends…

He blames the massacre on post-traumatic stress syndrome and refuses to allow for any religious motivation to the shooting, echoing the sentiments of CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad who said “No political or religious ideology could ever justify or excuse such wanton and indiscriminate violence.”:

We’ve seen a high incidence of suicide, unfortunately, in the military. In the last four years, we haven’t seen these numbers since the Vietnam War. And so we do need to do more to study issues like post-traumatic stress syndrome…

But to put a religious face or to try to discriminate against whole groups of people is just sad. And again, just exploiting the tragedy for a very ugly and bigoted means.

The interview closes in a genial fashion:

…there are rumors that I’m a very liberal person and I’m hard to talk to. I really appreciate you crossing the Rubicon and talking with us, Suhail.


Hey, thank you, Rachel.

On another edition of Ms. Maddow’s show, Khan refers to the authors of the book Muslim Mafia – which exposed the Muslim Brotherhood in America – as “professional bigots,” a phrase right out of CAIR’s playbook:

It’s disgusting, it’s sad. And we have, particularly after 9-11, the same professional bigots—is what I call them—have gone after other Muslim-Americans serving their government


Who were the professional bigots that you met?


Well, there’s the authors of this book. They’ve been joined by others on the internet and it’s really invidious because not only do they go after these innocent Americans who just want to serve their country, they’re really—they’re making money off of it. And that’s what this is all about.

they’ve been duped by these professional racists out there and I think if we can work with them, I plan to talk to them and try to educate them about the realities.

Over the past months Suhail Khan has been a regular guest on “The Alyona Show” on the Russia Today cable network:

Russia Today is a Russian government mouthpiece that the U.K. Independent newspaper has described as the “Kremlin’s news network” featuring “a quixotic blend of news and conspiracy.”

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