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A primer on Suhail Khan’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

The Evidence:

Suhail Khan caught in the act:

Suhail Khan praises terrorists at 1999 ISNA conference from SuhailKhan Exposed on Vimeo.

Suhail Khan shares podium with PIJ terrorist leader Sami al-Arian, terrorist supporter Jamal Barzinji from SuhailKhan Exposed on Vimeo.

Alamoudi denounced as terrorist by Arlen Specter – one day before Suhail Khan receives Alamoudi’s award from SuhailKhan Exposed on Vimeo.

Suhail Khan receives award from top Al-Qaeda fundraiser Alamoudi on behalf of Al-Qaeda front from SuhailKhan Exposed on Vimeo.

Suhail Khan on leftist and anti-American media outlets:

Suhail Khan appears regularly on leftist Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC:

Discussing the Muslim Brotherhood expose Muslim Mafia:

Suhail Khan joins leftist Rachel Maddow of MSNBC to defend CAIR and slur the authors of Muslim Mafia as “professional bigots.”

Khan is invited to Maddow’s show twice in November 2009 to discuss the Fort Hood massacre:



Mr. Khan also appeared twice on the Rachel Maddow Show to defend the construction of the Ground Zero Mosque:



09/13/10: Suhail Khan defends the Ground Zero Mosque on Canadian news program “The Agenda with Steve Paikin”

Over the past months Suhail Khan has been a regular guest on “The Alyona Show” on the Russia Today cable network:

Russia Today is a Russian government mouthpiece that the U.K. Independent newspaper has described as the “Kremlin’s news network” featuring “a quixotic blend of news and conspiracy.”

12/10/10: Suhail Khan vs. Jordan Sekulow on Russia Today: “Sharia Law Creeping into U.S. Courts?”

01/05/11: Suhail Khan on Russia Today regarding “Muslims Invading CPAC”

01/07/11: Suhail Khan appears on Russia Today to discuss Sharia and CPAC